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Above is a brand New NOTReman Bosch Injector With the Stainless/Alloy Body New Style!

I have these for 2003-2004.5 stock 50hp 65hp 90hp 125hp staring at $2,399.00 SALE $2,099.00  Core Charge $900.00   $500.00

I have these for 2004.5-2007 Stock 50hp 90hp starting at $2,499.00 SALE $2,199.00 Core Charge $900.00  $500.00


actual pictures above of the items your buying!!

Attention: I haven't offered a brand new injectors for monthes because there almost imposible to get! So take advantage of this one time offer at this price for one set of New Bosch 65hp Injecctors. 31LPM 600CC OF FUEL. Great for the every day driver.

Warranty: 1 year Parts or replacement if necessary . This warranty is not given by us but through Bosch. Warranty is at Bosch's discretion! The Warrany will not cove normal ware and tare or contaminated fuel.
If your looking for Brandnew Bosch injectors for 04.5-07 cummins trucks give my direct line a call at 406-728-3939 ~Isaac and I can list you some if I have them instock!
Contact us: 406-543-3900 or after hours and weekends 406-728-3939


List Price: $2,532.00
Note: Core charge is not included in the buy it now price!
To waive core charge read below:
Call us toll free at 406-543-3900 or 406-728-3939 and give us your credit card number and we will hold it without charging your card as long as we receive you cores back within 30 days..






ATS Transmissions,Industrial Injection Turbo/Injection services

Upgrade your pickup or semi with high-performance diesel truck parts from our company based in Missoula, Montana. U.S. Freedom Diesel is a  company that specializes in high performance diesel parts out of are  U.S.A. diesel performance parts store including but not limited to,performance injectors, performance exhaust, a diesel turbo charger, a smarty tuner, and air intake systems. We no offer Airdog 2 fuel systems, Fass fuel systems, Industrial injection turboes, Usa Freedom Diesel New bosch injectors,

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We started doing extreme custom mechanical work on diesel pickups around 2006. Trust us to research all of our products before we sell them and we will give you different ideas on how to save money. Contact us today for more information about our products.

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Looking for an ATS transmission or FASS fuel system and AirDog fuel systems, air intake systems,
performance exhaust or a diesel turbo charge for your Dodge or Ford? Call Today!
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